June 23, 2024

It’s been over six years since the release of the last Dead Space game, and fans of the franchise are still clamoring for more. With the recent release of a new console generation, many are wondering if we will ever see another Dead Space game. While it is certainly possible that a fourth installment could be in development, there has been no official word from EA or developer Visceral Games.

The Dead Space series follows engineer Isaac Clarke as he battles against the Necromorphs, horrific reanimated corpses that have overrun a number of space colonies. The games are known for their tense atmosphere, gruesome violence, and clever puzzles.

The first two Dead Space games were released to critical acclaim, with both earning scores in the high 80s on Metacritic. The third game in the series was not received as favorably, but still managed to earn a respectable 76%. Despite the mixed reception of the third game, sales for the franchise have remained strong.

While there has been no official word from EA or Visceral Games about a fourth Dead Space game, there have been a number of clues that suggest that one could be in development. In February of 2020, an unannounced project from Visceral Games was listed on EA’s website. The listing has since been removed, but it sparked speculation among fans that a new Dead Space game could be in the works.

Additionally, in 2019 it was revealed that some members of the team at Visceral Games had moved to other projects within EA. This led many to believe that Visceral was no longer working on Dead Space 4. However, it is not uncommon for developers to move between projects during development, so this should not be seen as confirmation that a new game is not in Developmental Hell progress.

Whether or not we will ever see another Dead Space game remains to be seen. However, with EA’s recent focus on reviving older franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, it seems unlikely that they would completely abandon one of their most successful horror series’. Only time will tell if our wait for another Necromorph-battling adventure will come to an end.

Will there be a dead space 4

With the release of the third installment in the Dead Space franchise, many gamers are wondering if there will be a fourth. The game developers have not released any information about a fourth installment; however, that does not mean that one is not in development. In this article, we will discuss the possibility of a Dead Space 4 and what it could entail.

The market for a Dead Space 4

It’s been nearly five years since Dead Space 3 was released, and given the current state of the gaming market, it’s safe to say that a fourth installment in the franchise is unlikely. That’s not to say that there isn’t a market for a Dead Space 4, however.

Despite waning interest from EA, the Dead Space franchise still has a passionate and loyal fan base. A quick look at any Dead Space-related forum will reveal numerous threads asking (and begging) for a fourth game. In addition, the series has sold over 7 million copies worldwide, which is no small feat.

Ultimately, whether or not a Dead Space 4 is ever released will come down to money. If EA believes that there is enough of a market for the game to justify its development costs, then we may see another installment in the franchise. However, if they feel that the series has run its course and that it wouldn’t be profitable enough to warrant another game, then we probably won’t see Dead Space 4 anytime soon.

The development of a Dead Space 4

In recent years, the question of whether or not a Dead Space 4 will ever see the light of day has been a hot topic among fans of the franchise. The last installment in the series, Dead Space 3, was released in 2013 to a mixed reception from both critics and fans. Many felt that the game strayed too far from the horror roots of its predecessors and had become more action-oriented. Despite its polarizing reception, Dead Space 3 was still a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies in its first week of release.

Since then, there have been no official announcements regarding the development of a Dead Space 4. However, that hasn’t stopped rumors and speculation from swirling around the possibility of another installment in the franchise. In 2016, it was rumored that Visceral Games, the developers behind Dead Space 3, had begun work on a fourth installment in the series. However, these rumors were ultimately debunked by an unnamed source close to the studio.

As of right now, it’s impossible to say for sure if we’ll ever see a Dead Space 4. However, given the popularity of the franchise and its continued success despite mixed reviews for its last outing, it seems likely that we haven’t seen the last of Isaac Clarke and his fight against the Necromorphs just yet.

The release of a Dead Space 4

Since its release in 2008, the Dead Space franchise has become one of the most popular horror series in gaming. With its mix of horror, action, and science fiction, the series has managed to captivate gamers around the world. The first two games in the series were released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, while the third game was released on all three platforms.

The last game in the series, Dead Space 3, was released in 2013. Since then, there has been no news about a fourth game in the series. However, a recent report from Kotaku seems to suggest that a new Dead Space game may be in development.

According to Kotaku’s sources, the new Dead Space game is being developed by Visceral Games, the studio behind the first three games in the series. The report also states that the game is currently codenamed “Redmark”, and that it is early in development.

While this report should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s certainly possible that Visceral Games is working on a new Dead Space game. The studio has not released a new game since 2015’s Star Wars: Battlefront, so it’s possible that they are ready to unveil their next project. Only time will tell if this report is true or not.


It is safe to say that a Dead Space 4 is possible, but nothing has been confirmed by EA or Visceral Games as of now. Resources may be tight due to the success of other projects, like the development of Battlefield 1 and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Still, with the right team in charge and if the game is able to meet fan expectations, there is a chance we may see another addition to the Dead Space franchise in the future.

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